Grilled Chicken Sausage and Zucchini with Roasted Potatoes

At 7 pm last night, the sun was still out, and the weather was warm with a slight breeze in the air, a sign that summer is here at last. My dad fired up the grill for dinner while my mom prepared zucchini and sausage in olive oil and seasoning.

We opted for a different option than traditional sausage for a healthier meal. We used two types, sun dried tomato chicken sausage and tofu sausage, both from Trader Joes. My personal favorite is the chicken sausage, but my dad hates chicken, therefore we had to find an alternative for his taste buds. I find the tofu sausage a bit bland; if you aren’t going with the real stuff, at least keep some meat in there for flavor.

My mom roasted potatoes in olive oil and butter in her Le Creuset Crockpot to complete the meal. It was simple yet satisfying. We piled potatoes and grilled zucchini and sausage on top of fresh spinach, sprinkling goat cheese and pine nuts on top.

This is a very easy meal that doesn’t necessarily require a recipe. You could grill any vegetables or type of sausage to accompany the potatoes. Next time I think that roasting more root vegetables to go with the grill would be a good option.


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