Studying Procrastination Leads to Good Food

Oh my goodness. I would just like to say a quick apology for our month of absence on Frances Retigan. Time has flown by with very little cooking or baking for me, as I now have an all you can eat cafeteria at my disposal three times a day.

Despite the hectic craziness of college life, I have collected many good food memories over the past month. While none of them include homemade recipes (save a care package or two that I have received), they are worth imparting to you none the less.

I will begin with a quick review of the breakfast my mom and I shared together before her flight back home. It was a bittersweet hour or so as we savored our last moments face to face with one another for several months.


We sauntered over to the highly recommended Egg Harbor Cafe in Wheaton, Il and seated promptly. I began with a good ole cup of coffee. If you are someone that likes flavored coffees, they offer specials each day. I got a veggie egg white omlette and pomegranate orange juice, and Mom ordered pumpkin pancakes. Needless to say, our plates were empty a short while later. I consumed about half of the pumpkin pancakes in addition to my order. Whether this was due in part to my stomach consenting to the convoluted emotions I was feeling about my mommy leaving me or not, I do not know. All I can say reflecting back on that moment was that the meal comforted both of us and was a good way to end the orientation weekend.

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