Whole Wheat Persimmon Scones

We had our first snowfall last night. True to my Southern Californian nature, I was overly excited. While it was just a light dusting barely visible on of the grass, there was something magical about meandering back from a seminar class at 9 o’clock at night surrounded by white flakes drifting to the ground. I looked ridiculous trying to catch them on my tongue. Typical, I know.

The snow was still there this morning. On my way back from the pool after a cold morning swim, baking just felt like the perfect thing to do in my free time before class. Homework could wait.

I gathered up ingredients in a bag and lugged them down to the first floor and into the lovely dorm kitchen. Nothing better than the smell of old food stuck to communal cooking utensils college students are too lazy to clean properly.

My first step was to re-clean everything I needed to use (just a precaution, but one that is probably necessary).

The baking came next. Then the eating.

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Pumpkin Chia Seed Muffins (Vegan)

Thanks to a surprise gift containing a sack of flour and various other baking items, I was finally able to let my creative juices flow in our dorm room kitchen this morning, for the first time since AUGUST. I really don’t know how I survived.

Over the past few months, while I may not have been whipping things up in the kitchen, I have still been checking up on my favorite blogs over the occasional weekend, bookmarking recipes or ideas that are of interest. With a unopened can of pumpkin in front of me yesterday morning, my mind drifted back to a certain page that got me exceptionally excited.

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