(Almost) Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies


These are not your ordinary chocolate chip cookies. They have a nutty taste, outer crunchy edge, and inner chewiness. A slight nutty taste and dense texture makes these morsels quite satisfying. They are suitable for breakfast or dessert. I just had one while groveling through chemistry notes and will likely have another one (or two) with a cup of joe tomorrow morning before class.

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Espresso Date Muffins


My brief homecoming for President’s Day Weekend has been a wonderful and relaxing respite away from chemistry, philosophy, track talk, and other college related topics that engulf my daily life. I have enjoyed being out of 20 degree misery and in beautiful sunshine. The past few days haven’t been remarkable in any sense; life has consisted mainly of eating, sleeping, and salt water. A bit of color has returned to my face that my sister swears is a sunburn, but I like to think more of as a sun-kissed glow (one that has necessitated copious amounts of aloe vera). While I may not be quite ready to return to school tomorrow, I know that my paradise is awaiting my visit once again in just a few short weeks for spring break.

I broke in to the kitchen cabinets this morning and decided it was time to create. My sister and I whisked and stirred, dusting the kitchen floor with a coat of flour and making our fingertips sticky with coconut oil and dates. While the process was fun, the end product was even better. I stretched out on our living room couch with my dog at my feet, a good book in one hand and a crumbly muffin in the other. This is how life is supposed to be.

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