Quinoa Patties with Roasted Veggie Pesto

IMG_5382When prepared correctly, vegetables are my favorite food. Truly. It is amazing what a little roasting, olive oil, lemon, and salt will do to the good old green stuff. The idea for this veggie pesto was born out of the leftovers from a friend’s CSA box from Underwood Farms, a local family-owned enterprise in Moorpark and Somis, CA.


We sliced Japanese turnips and white carrots and added them to red chard and radish greens. For flavor we tossed in a handful of roasted red peppers (a bit of a cheat – jar from Trader Joes) with olive oil and salt.

IMG_5385We set the mixture on low and let simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. After the greens had boiled down and the vegetables were softened, everything was allowed to cool slightly and then tossed in the Vitamix blender and pureed.

IMG_5416This “pesto” can be used to top a number of different entrees. We chose to make quinoa patties.

First, we cooked 2 cups of dried quinoa. Once the water was drained, we added a 1/2 cup each of cottage cheese and Parmesan (ricotta would also work very well, we just used what we had in the fridge).

IMG_5401Once the cheese is added, the quinoa can easily be formed into patties and then lightly grilled.

IMG_5420To keep the man of the house happy, toasted sourdough bread was added to the pattie and pesto. A little extra carb never hurt anybody.

This dinner is malleable and can be changed to fit different tastes and available ingredients. Radishes can be substituted for turnips, kale can be added in place of chard, etc.



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