Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding


Lately it seems that a multitude of chia seed concoctions have been sprouting up on Pinterest and popular food blogs. To say the least, I have remained skeptical about the vast majority of them.

I tend to associate chia seeds with a gummy texture and a bad aftertaste. My dad gulps them down mixed in orange juice before working out – ever since reading Born to Run, he seems to believe that this torture is a good trade off for speedy legs. (All things chia aside, I do highly recommend the book. It is a compelling read.)

Before the evolution of this chia seed pudding, the only way I could get chia seeds down my throat without initiating a gag reflex was by blending them into oblivion in a smoothie. Otherwise, they ruin my oatmeal, they ruin my yogurt and granola, they ruin my salads, they definitely ruin my orange juice, and naturally I assumed that they would ruin my pudding as well.

I was wrong. This chocolate chia seed pudding isn’t gummy or gelatinous, and although the seeds do add texture to the pudding, they compromise neither flavor nor consistency.

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Pumpkin Chia Seed Muffins (Vegan)

Thanks to a surprise gift containing a sack of flour and various other baking items, I was finally able to let my creative juices flow in our dorm room kitchen this morning, for the first time since AUGUST. I really don’t know how I survived.

Over the past few months, while I may not have been whipping things up in the kitchen, I have still been checking up on my favorite blogs over the occasional weekend, bookmarking recipes or ideas that are of interest. With a unopened can of pumpkin in front of me yesterday morning, my mind drifted back to a certain page that got me exceptionally excited.

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