Coconut Flax Breakfast Cookies


These cookies were born during a stressful time and out of pretty much anything I could find in the pantry and refrigerator. And they tasted delicious. Don’t you love it when things work out like that? These morsels are a wonderful (if temporary) reliever of anxiety and worry about life’s many problems. I can get rid of the relief’s impermanence as well: eat more of them.

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Fried Egg and Greens

IMG_5436Simplicity is key. Especially when it comes to breakfast. I love setting time aside in the morning to relish in the little things – a cup of coffee, a good book, peace and quiet. My go-to foods before ten o’clock in the morning include blueberries, eggs, toast, yogurt, granola, and of course chocolate chip cookies or leftover cold pizza, if available. This particular dish, a fried egg and kale, is one of my favorites. It is a great way to start off the morning with veggies without compromising the special aroma that breakfast brings (cold pizza and chocolate chip cookies and exception to this rule, of course).

To begin, heat up a frying pan with olive oil, coconut oil, or butter. Add a bunch of kale and let simmer for a couple minutes on medium heat.


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Banana Bread


I was hesitant to post this recipe, because who really needs another recipe for plain old banana bread? It’s not vegan, not gluten free; there are no weird flours, flax eggs or additions of millet or amaranth for extra whole grain. Well, after my dad ate three large muffin versions of this recipe last night and then my mom begged me to share, I caved. What can it hurt? Take it or leave it, but this is our family’s favorite way to use nasty brown bananas.

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