Liana’s Beach House Crockpot Chicken, Homemade Tortillas, and Nanaimo Bars

Em here. I spent a few hours over at my beloved friend D’s house on the beach the other day. Whenever I am at her house, it is for certain that I will be served several delectable dishes. Her mom, L, jokes that if there was ever a national disaster or earthquake, come to their house because they have food stock that will cover everyone for months. She may not be kidding. D and her family are some of the sweetest friends a girl could ask for, and I am so blessed to have them in my life. Just today, they stopped by with an assortment of croissants from Blu Orkid, the perfect treat following an afternoon swim. I planned on only having half of my croissant and saving the other half for later. That didn’t happen.

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