DIY Almond Milk

Emma here. My dad and I ventured down south to UCLA last Saturday for a college preview day. The countdown to the May 1st decision deadline for schools is creeping closer and closer…Well, at the end of the day, we were sufficiently exhausted, physically and mentally. In Sunset magazine, I had read about a juice shop nearby, and a refreshing drink sounded good to both of us. After some weaving in and out of side streets, we found the quaint little shop, Moon Juice. It literally looks like the Moon on the outside. Quite exciting. We went in and were given a detailed explanation of the benefits Moon juice beverages have to offer and then given a menu to peruse over. We selected several different drinks that I would definitely say made us just that much more gorgeous and balanced, but their homemade almond milk definitely took the cake. They call it a milkshake. While I wouldn’t go that far, it is quite creamy and satisfying, with light froth bubbling on top. The lone $9 bottle was downed way too quickly once we got home, and my mom made it her next task to master the art of making her own almond milk.

I came home from school a few days later to an odd bowl of nuts floating in water on the kitchen table. After a skeptical inquiry, I was informed that it was part of the almond-milk making process. After the nuts soaked, my mom threw them in the blender, added more water, and walla! Almond milk. Add a dash of sea salt and some honey, and you are good to go. She used a post from Sarah Britton’s website My New Roots to get started. I highly recommend Sarah’s blog – she has great recipes and interesting information on general health.

The video on Sarah’s posting is very helpful in its explanation of the process. It can be used to make any kind of nut milk; the only things you need are nuts, water, a blender, and a strainer.

This does take some time, as the first step requires soaking your nuts overnight. Once that is done, however, the remainder of the process only takes several minutes. The milk only lasts a couple of days as the ingredients do separate, so drink up and make small batches!