Snackie Plates

At our house, everyone tends to get the munchies around 4 pm. I have usually just gotten home from a run, my sister Livvy is getting ready for swim practice, and my mom has arrived home from a long day at work and needs to reboot before pilates. So, we have fashioned something known as the snackie plate. Light and tasty, a perfect tie-over a couple hours before dinner. Today I decided to share two of my favorite snackie plates with you.

The first is toast topped with yogurt and peaches.

You will need:

Good quality bread. My personal favorite is my mom’s homemade, but a good substitute is La Brea Bakery whole grain loaf or Trader Joe’s whole wheat sourdough.

Greek yogurt. I normally use plain Fage Total 2%.

Peaches. Our favorite is the jar of peaches from Trader Joes, available in perfect condition year round.

Honey, for topping.

The rest is slightly self explanatory. Toast the bread, top with a dollop of yogurt, slice peaches on top, and drizzle with honey. Delish.

*Note: If you look closely at the photograph, you can see the plate is situated on top of a calculus book. This snack greatly enhances the strength with which I can bear calculus homework.

The second snackie plate I had in mind to share with you today is a simple cracker, cheese, and fruit plate. In fact, I am snacking on crackers (honey wheat pretzels from Trader Joes actually, but just as good), cheese, and fruit while reading this blog. Dinner is taking way to long to cook.

For this plate, you will need:

Crackers. The selection you see here are multigrain savory thins from Trader Joes. My other favorite is Trader Joe’s Pita Bite Crackers.

Cheese. I choose two cheeses for this plate: Le Petit Creme and Organic Pepper Jack, both from TJs. May I also recommend their Dutch Smoked Gouda?

Fruit. Any will do, but I am in to a blackberry fad at the moment so that is what I have pictured here.

I hope you enjoyed the suggestions I made, and feel free to comment on your own favorite combinations! My mom and I love wandering around TJs or Lassens discovering new pairings to try. I will talk to you soon. In the meantime, snack away šŸ™‚